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Share ads with sponsors, or entire episodes with cohosts and insiders, collect their feedback and comments, all in a secure environment.

Let's say you want to share one audio file with one or more people for their comments or even their approval. You can do this via email, but the problems are many. Endless emails back and forth with others, large file sizes, the wrong people CC'ed on the emails, one person uses Dropbox while the other uses Google Drive — and, which file is the most current one?

Meanwhile, who's got time to create a whole new RSS feed for private audio shared with a group of insiders? And many podcast hosts don't even support this feature!

PodSend is a godsend for podcasters wanting to share private audio files. And it's coming really soon — as in September 1st.

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"This is seriously cool. Not everybody I share private audios with uses Slack or Dropbox, or understands private RSS feeds. So being able to have a space dedicated for sharing audio and allowing commentary, is a godsend."
Brandon Hull

There's nothing like PodSend on the market.
Here are 3 use cases:

1. Bonus Audios for Your Insiders

Want an easy way to share one-off audios with a group of fans or insiders? Think bonus episodes, extended interviews, that sort of thing. Upload your files securely to PodSend, custom-brand and password-protect your page, and share the link and login credentials with your followers. PodSend is your fastest way to engage with bonus content.

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2. Easy Sponsor Ad Approvals

Do you have a sponsor who expects to hear and approve their ad before your episode goes live? Spare yourself the back and forth emails and disconnect when you use one service like Dropbox, but they use a different one. Upload your audio to PodSend, send them a link, get their feedback, provide a revision for approval in the same interface, and get your episode published faster! 

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3. Fast Co-Host Collaboration

Do you have a co-host or co-producer who likes to listen to episodes before you publish to Libsyn, Podbean, Simplecast, Blubrry, or wherever you host your podcast? It’s a great way to make sure your episode is polished and both parties are on-board with the content and audio quality. PodSend is the perfect solution for this!

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$ 9 Monthly
  • Unlimited audio uploads
  • 100 MB upload size limit
  • Upload MP3 and WAV files
  • Unlimited versions per upload
  • Password-protected drafts
  • Custom branding

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